Sisters – Who we are

LaurieHi everyone! I’m Laurie.  I have spent my career interviewing (and listening to) thousands of people on hundreds of subjects to understand what they like, what they don’t like, what bothers them, and what they wish could be. My perspective puts people first – what they need and what they want – which may not always be the most practical, but is most important to them in living their lives.  It is from this focus that I have great respect and appreciation of individuals, which makes me hopeful and gives me confidence that real, logical and impactful solutions to our nation’s issues are possible.  It is in this spirit that we are starting our blog.  Lynn and I may not always agree, but we respect each other’s point of view, and understand that it is our different perspectives that help us grow as people.

LynnHi all!  I’m Lynn.  I can be very practical while still recognizing that the best decision may not always be the most practical one.  I will forever hope for world peace (the hippie in me ☮️), though I realize that this will be challenging to achieve in my lifetime, but a girl can dream!  At my core, I believe that ALL people deserve to be treated with respect, and I serve my community where I believe I have the most to offer. And more than anything else, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. My POV and analysis will generally be drawn from this basic world view along with the potential impact based on subject matter details developed from a career in the corporate world. As you get to know us, and I hope you will, we can share perspectives and hopefully, make a difference in our world!

Sisters Talking On….

While we may disagree at times, we do agree that it is important to start the conversation …with you!  Please visit our blog regularly to discuss current topics, and let us know if there is something that you feel strongly about and would like us to discuss.

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