Sisters Talking On…Cutting the Cable Cord

Point for Discussion: We are paying $128/mo for cable (tv/internet/useless phone) and discovered this morning that new customers can get the same service, minus the useless phone, for $60/mo.  They have no reason to try and keep us since there is zero competition in the area, so they don’t even try.  Time to cut the … Continue reading Sisters Talking On…Cutting the Cable Cord

Sisters Talking On…Natural Disasters

Point for Discussion With wildfire season continuing, tornado season here, hurricane season fast approaching and volcanoes erupting in Hawaii, we have been thinking about natural disasters, and how, we as a nation, prepare for them and respond to them. What we are doing seems less and less effective with every new disaster, and there seem … Continue reading Sisters Talking On…Natural Disasters

Sisters Talking On…Legalizing Marijuana

Point for Discussion: The people of the nation are speaking loudly and clearly.  Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.  Medical uses for cannabis have been growing for many years with new benefits documented regularly.  Is recreational use really any worse than alcohol consumption?   As of … Continue reading Sisters Talking On…Legalizing Marijuana

Sisters Talking On…Social Security solvency

Point for Discussion People expect Social Security to be there for them when they retire.  They’ve paid into it for years, along with increasing income tax rates, increasing income caps, and raising the full retirement age - all with the promise that we’ll receive income to help in retirement years in exchange for allowing the … Continue reading Sisters Talking On…Social Security solvency

Sisters Talking On…Volunteering

Point for Discussion: Retirement provides a good opportunity to become part of your local community by volunteering and getting involved in supporting your fellow citizens, local government and or churches. Many of these organizations seek out experienced retirees to help out for a few hours per week. Points of View: (Lynn) While I was working, … Continue reading Sisters Talking On…Volunteering

Sisters Talking On…When to retire

Point for Discussion: “When Should I Retire?”  This is a question that many boomers are asking themselves as they consider their life situation (e.g., still working, kids or grandkids at home, desire to travel) and their financial situation (can we afford it?).   What makes the most sense for one may not make sense for someone … Continue reading Sisters Talking On…When to retire

Sisters Talking On…Social media impact on Mental Health of Young People

Point for Discussion: Social media (or anti-social media) is heavily used by young people, and has become very important to their individual self-esteem.  Young people, still developing their own personalities, can be especially vulnerable to the comments of others while not possessing the skills to handle what they may read about themselves.  This has led … Continue reading Sisters Talking On…Social media impact on Mental Health of Young People