Sisters Talking on…SOTU State of the Union



I believe that what people want and need to hear in the SOTU State of the Union is what’s next for the Country, and to see that there is a focused plan for making our lives better.  People also want to hear not only what can be, but with honesty, what is likely to be, and to see collaboration where it is required to bring about change.  At the heart of it, though, people ultimately want (and expect) what one statement from the speech said:  that we should “set aside our differences, to seek common ground, and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve.”  I find it disappointing that cooperation has been so difficult when it logically should be a given.  We can do this!



Laurie sums it up pretty well.  Let’s spend less time focusing on what’s been done.  Let’s move on to how we can make things better going forward.

I heard a lot of things I like, but I remain troubled by the broad brush of the presidential pen. I heard the President challenge Congress to take a bipartisan approach to passing legislation.  I fully agree that our elected officials should be checking their personal politics at the door and focus on doing what’s best for the Country.  Americans are among the bravest and most compassionate in the world.  Let’s take care of our neighbors and fellow Americans.

To that end, we heard quite a bit about national security, as we have for the past year.  Protecting Americans is critical, but we need to be fair and objective as we evaluate the risk.

I was really hoping to hear the President challenge Congress to fix more of the healthcare cost issues than just prescription drug prices.  I was also hoping for some recognition that student loan debt is one of the largest drags on the economy.  All of the tax reduction available will not be enough to offset the personal stress placed on our citizens from these two large financial burdens.

As a nation, we’ve got a lot to work on.

Our question for you:  Did you hear what you expected from the SOTU? If you didn’t watch, what was your main hope of what to hear or see?


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