Sisters Talking On . . . RBG and a Vote for Change

Point for Discussion: This weekend, our nation lost a long-serving Supreme Court Justice.  During her career, Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have suffered quite a bit of discrimination due to the single factor completely out of her control, she was born female.  For those of us born female, this has been something we’ve dealt with during … Continue reading Sisters Talking On . . . RBG and a Vote for Change

Sisters Talking On…Kneeling in Protest

Point for Discussion: Over the past year, several athletes and cheerleaders have “taken a knee” in protest.  What started out as a personal protest by Colin Kaepernick in 2017 has become part of a movement.  For some, it’s about social injustices, and for others, it’s become more about freedom of speech.  Whatever the intention, there … Continue reading Sisters Talking On…Kneeling in Protest

Sisters Talking On…Denuclearization – is it Possible?

Point for Discussion: About a week ago, President Trump reached an understanding (not calling it an agreement until we have proof) that supports denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.  In theory, this is good for everyone. Geo-political risk is reduced and, if all goes well, North Korean residents could find themselves living in a more modern world.  … Continue reading Sisters Talking On…Denuclearization – is it Possible?